Neglected giant spinocellular carcinoma of the lower lip

Posted on септември 30, 2019

Although squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common type of lip cancer worldwide, its giant form is extremely rare, due to its easy detection and early diagnosis. The survival rate is good if early eradication is performed, as 5-year survival accounts for approximately 80-90%. We present a rare variant of giant form of SCC on the lower lip in a 70-year-old patient, which had been neglected for many years, due to social disadvantages and absence of any resources for adequate medical help, until the tumor caused total inability of administration of food and drink. The recent diagnostic and therapeutic options are considered. Despite well-known etiologic factors regarding squamous cell carcinoma and the newest prognostic factors on tumor differentiation, such as β-catenin abnormal expression, the negative influence of the demographic characteristics of the patient were also in focus. Certain outcast ways of living should be considered as potential risk factors for the development of giant forms of SCC. In addition, an improvement of the quality of life of these patients results as being critical for the prevention of various of risk factors, as well as improving the survival rate in general. Continue reading

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