Strategy of Aesthetic Laser Removal of Multiple Seborrheic Keratosis and Effects on Appearance’ Self-Esteem and Well-Being

Posted on юли 30, 2022

Background: Individual well-being and self-esteem related to appearance of patients with multiple seborrheic keratoses (MSK), as well as an original strategy for complete removal of all lesions with CO2 laser are discussed. Presented are examples from our dermatological practice illustrating negative psycho-sowell as a cosmetic issue for its presence creates an overall impression of prematurely aged, and a “shabby” looking skin. Individuals with multiplecial impact of multiple SK on individual well-being. Seborrheic keratosis is considered a widespread dermatosis, as SK often suffer low self-esteem in terms of their appearance which may improve after the aesthetic CO2 laser complete elimination of MSK lesions. Objective: To study if appearance related self-esteem improves after the aesthetic CO2 laser full removal of the multiple SK lesions located on face and trunk areas. For the purpose, changes in appearance’ self-esteem post laser removal of multiple SK are tested.
Methods: Therapeutic and aesthetic removal of multiple SK is accomplished by laser thermolysis performed with CO2 laser, in particular. Study participants are asked to fill out a Self-Assessment of appearance’ self-esteem (11 items questionnaire) twice – before the complete CO2 laser removal of MSK, and then six months post the aesthetic laser treatment, as answers reflect patient subjective understanding of the degree of their physical attractiveness. Statistics performed using IBM SPSS Statistics, version 20. One hundred volunteers with multiple SK on face, and trunk took
place in the study.
Results: In both before and after measurements show that Appearance’ self-esteem scale distribution is close to normal distribution; Cronbach’s alpha 0.81, and then 0.61, respectively. No gender differences observed (M = 2.45, SD = 0, 56) female (M = 2.59, SD = 0.57); t = -1.077, p = 0.284, and males (M = 3.86, SD = 0.28), females (M = 3.86, SD = 0.38); t = 0.077, p = 0.939.
Conclusions: Complete aesthetic CO2 laser removal of multiple sebborheic keratosis from face and trunk improves self-esteem related to appearance. The described original CO2 treatment strategy serves as a practical tool in aesthetic removal of multiple seborrheic keratoses.Continue Reading
Key words: Seborrheic keratosis; Multiple seborrheic keratosis; CO2 laser thermolysis; Appearance related self-esteem; Individual well-being;