Treatment Of Condylomata Acuminata And Bowenoid Papulosis With CO2 Laser And Imiquimod

Posted on май 21, 2024

Some of the most common manifestation of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection in venereology are Condylomata acuminata and Bowenoid Papulosis. These diseases are often difficult to diagnose by dermatologists, obstetricians, gynecologists and urologists. This article represents our entire clinical experience with the use of carbon dioxide (CO-2) laser in the treatment of 58 (40 male and 18 female) patients with Condylomata Acuminata after other treatments had failed. Successful eradication was accomplished in 53 patients with wide distribution of condylomatous lesions, with 88% per cent responding to a single laser treatment. In our experience there are no side effects, damage to the surrounding tissue is minimal and the lesions have not reccured. In 82.3% of the patients the treatment resulted in complete disappearance of the lesions, whereas in the other two to three percent treatments were required. The advantages of the laser treatment are discussed in this article. Continue Reading

Key words: Condylomata acuminata, Bowenoid papulosis, CO-2 laser vaporization, Immunotherapy, Imiquimod